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The demand for mission-driven support and innovative technology solutions in the public sector is ever-increasing.  Federal and State agencies face the additional task of adapting to ever-changing standards while trying to meet government objectives and warfighter needs.

LaunchTech provides the services, staff, and knowledge to identify and assist our public sector customers with strategic organizational structure and operations changes. Our value continues as we also provide solutions to help drive better performance, enhance customer experience, tighten security, adhere to regulatory requirements, and improve efficiency.


We take an uncompromising and focused approach to service delivery and customer satisfaction.


Ingenuity and innovation will be critical to developing the new technologies necessary to assist the space sector in carrying out essential missions. Advances such as emerging technology, digital transformation, modernized technology infrastructure, and resources with diverse and adaptable skill sets can help produce a substantial value that extends beyond any single organization.

We are engaged and ready to support space agencies and organizations, launch facilities, and human and unmanned spaceflight programs by maximizing our expertise and strong understanding of the industry and environments. We offer agile and mission-focused solutions delivered by an experienced team with firsthand knowledge and proven success.

In addition to supporting Public and Private sector space organizations, we’re helping new generations dream of becoming astronauts, engineers, and scientists. This focus, in turn, inspires space-related businesses and creates a circular economy.

We see every project as our contribution to the future. Also, as an opportunity of a lifetime to help our customers launch people and technologies out of this world.


The financial services sector is undergoing an unprecedented and rapid wave of digital innovation and business transformation. As the economy shifts, customer service and satisfaction, technological efficiency, compliance, and security have become top priorities. We understand the power of this shift and offer solutions to help our customers achieve their vision while readying their foundation for the future to enable faster innovation, meet customer demand, and enhance the customer experience.

LaunchTech has proven experience providing the technology services, support, and products financial institutions require to remain secure, compliant, efficient, and resilient.


Recent economic challenges have moved significant portions of the economy online, forced radical changes in patient behavior, and increased their comfort and willingness to engage digitally. Modern remote care collaboration tools, such as telemedicine, telehealth, and others, are opening new avenues for boosting productivity and reaching patients anywhere.

Our experience providing the technology and workforce solutions that healthcare organizations require to continuously improve the patient care experience, optimize health outcomes, and reduce healthcare costs is proven and repeatable. We deliver the ability to meet evolving business, technology, and healthcare needs through exceptional service, insight, and world-class execution.

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