Our Team

Our executive team utilizes over 70 years of combined technology and business experience across multiple disciplines to lead a highly-trained group of self-motivated consultants. We have established a solid reputation for working behind the scenes and by our clients’ side to help power projects and initiatives.

We utilize experienced industry professionals with deep expertise in a wide variety of technology and business services. Our consulting teams are built to fit customer needs and help them see the opportunities created when people, process and technology converge. We go beyond the basics and provide seamless support to ensure projects run smoothly.

Our breadth and depth of expertise allows us to provide a flexible and proactive approach to meeting client objectives and see to it that they face the future of their business and operations with confidence.

Our team is passionate about the services we offer, the relationships we build, and the jobs we create. launchTECH not only helps organizations remedy issues and meet the demands of today but also anticipate and prepare for the demands of tomorrow.

Service before self.

Our mission is to deliver innovative technology solutions and business services that improve productivity, reduce costs, and enhance the way our customers do business.

We strive to build enduring relationships with our clients and be the vendor of choice for government agencies and organizations seeking professional technology and business consulting services.

launchTECH has a strong focus on training and hiring veterans. Our commitment to the veteran community is evident in our ownership, work ethic, and community engagement. Our President & CEO, Venus Quates-Majors served in the US Air Force and is committed to ensuring that the company’s workforce includes those who have also served in the United States Military.

We have taken a note out of the Air Force handbook and wholeheartedly believe in “Service before Self”. For the launchTECH team, spreading goodness is necessary and worthwhile. We strive to always to be part of problem-solving initiatives by giving back to organizations and individuals through volunteerism and philanthropic activities that create positive change.

We direct our giving not only to causes that are near and dear to our heart but also to areas that we believe are important to the future of our country’s vitality and success. The causes we support include:

  • Veterans assistance
  • STEM education
  • Community development
  • Health and human services